Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What A First Day Of School

4th August spells the end of my holiday and the start of my school. Erm... actually to be more accurate, 4th August was the OFFICIAL start of my school term. However, my PERSONAL date school day is today, 5th August 2008... ...

And I must say what a day. Actually everything went on quite smoothly. The trip to school was smooth, not much traffic and the gym session was nice too. To make things simple, everything was nice until... ... ... my tire went flat.

Well, what's better was I only spot it after my shower after my gym session! Before that I actually went to drive my car into the shady area and I certainly didn't see or feel anything unusual.

Can you imagine the feeling of finding your tire flat, having to change your flat tire under the raging hot sun. And best of all, you just bathed and you will have to get sweaty and dirty over again. What a combo....

It is a sign man. Because of the punctured tire, I missed a 1.5hrs of lecture. And till the next lecture, I was only left with 30 minutes to devour my lunch. Haiz.... and the best part had yet to come.

Yup, you guess it. Having to attend lecture! Argh... That was pure torturing. With no lecture notes and the blood rushing to my stomach to aid in my digestion, not much is left in my brain to think and process anything.

And if you think the worst end there, think again! I had a 5 hours of consecutive lectures, no break, nothing! How was that for a first day of school... :|

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