Monday, August 25, 2008

Guess Who Is The Real Girl

OMG! When I received this email from one of my badminton friends, I am really surprised. Surprised not because there are transgender in Thailand. I guess everyone knows that. What's more surprising is that MOST of the transgenders prove themselves to be much prettier than the ladies we have here!

Now let's put aside all the morale issues. Such topics have been around as long as I can remember and I really don't see any use in debating, discussing or arguing over them.

What I am more interested to know out of the 3 girls below, who do you think is born as a female or you think that all 3 of them are transgender.

I personally like to think that the ones in blue and black blouses are transgender, not the one in white.

I'm not sure why, however, when looking at her (or him), I really hope she (or he) is born as a female from birth. To me, she (or he) just looks more normal. That's what I like to think... .... ^^"

For clearer view, just click on the pictures to enlarge them

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