Friday, August 15, 2008

Following Bangkok Is Phuket

The 4th day was another early day for us. If I was not wrong, we again had to wake up around 4am to catch our domestic flight to Phuket from Bangkok.

Luckily, the check out process of our room was done promptly and the taxi was already there waiting for us to take us to the airport right after we were done. Quite pleasant to know that we were getting prompt and friendly services at the I-Hotel in Bangkok. If were to go back to Bangkok again, I-Hotel will surely be my first choice!

Upon arriving at the Bangkok airport, there was really nothing much we could do except to catch up on our sleep, though it was quite hard to do so, without my jacket... ... For someone else was holding on to it. :-|

The trip to Phuket was only an hour of flight. And as expected, the international airport at Phuket wasn't fantastic. It has what an airport is supposed to have, nothing more and nothing fancy.

Then we took a cab to our hotel, By The Sea Residence. From the picture we saw when we were making our booking online in Singapore, both of us were quite impressed by the photo displayed on the web page. And we were certainly wondering would we get what we see in the photo? Highly unlikely, right?

Well, I must say when I first set foot onto the hotel ground, I wasn't impressed at all. It wasn't that grand or that beautiful as what I thought it to be.

However, upon entering into our room, it was a totally different feeling altogether. In the room was a small living room, a kitchen, a spacious bathroom with both bathtub and shower head. And not to mentioned about the nice, trendy furnishings in the room.

And dude, I haven't talk about the scenery outside our room yet! All rooms in the By The Sea Residence are facing the sea. You will get to see the sea just by stepping out of your room. It was the first time I hear Yessy giving such positive comments about a room. After all, she is particularly concerned about the cleanliness of the room which she resides in. And without saying, By The Sea Residence definitely meet her cut!

Actually, in Phuket there wasn't much to do. Like in Bintan, what we looking for was not another hectic schedule as what we had in Bangkok. We had already done the majority of our shopping in Bangkok.

There in Phuket, all we seek was time of rest, relaxation and to try something new.

We didn't plant our first day there with many activities. We just over to Phuket town using the free transport provided by the hotel and spent some time there. Oh ya, almost forgot, we had our lunch there, a seafood lunch. We ordered a chili crab, or something like that. I am sure we're having crabs, however I am not sure how they cook it.

Nevertheless, the crabs surely taste fantastically delicious. Yessy was there again praising the good food there! Lolx... Another satisfied customer!

After that, we just slept through the whole night, missing our dinner. Lolx... Both were too shagged to think about hunger.

The 2nd day, we once again went to visit Phuket Town. However, this time, we went over to the Central, which I think was the only shopping center there.

And if you were thinking it was just another simple, run down shopping center, think again. The shopping center, known as Central, was quite posh and big scale for your info. The goods sold there wasn't that cheap also.

Yessy got her Jim Thompson bag for S$140+ dollars. And before that, she was there complaining about how expensive the bag was. Still, she got what she wanted, after much persuasion and concrete actions from me, if you understand what I am talking.

In the central I just saw something interesting and cute when Yessy went to the restroom. The phone booth was quite nicely decorated... Isn't it?

The 2nd night was the highlight of our Phuket trip, a visit to the Fantasea! For certain, the place didn't fall short of our expectations.

The entrance itself was very grand... ...

And inside was another world by itself. The buildings, the people, the stuffs etc were all quite impressive.

Unlike most theme parks, there didn't exist any exciting rides. The highlight of the place was the show at night, around 2100hrs. And before that we just had our buffet dinner in the most well decorated and biggest room I have ever been.

After that, we went to catch the 1930hrs short dance performance...

Later on, we made our way to the indoor safari where we saw exotic animals like snakes and some cute ones like parrots and hamsters. It is a totally new experience. Imagining a safari, indoor, quite interesting!

After that was just some photo taking sessions...

Then we were off to view the highlight of the night. As shooting and cameras were forbidden inside, we abide by the rules and didn't take any photos. So, if you want to know how the show looked like, you have to visit the place yourself. =P

If you ask me, I will certainly recommend you to pay Fantasea a visit should you be at Phuket. It may not be as fantastic as you imagined it to be. However, it is surely a totally new experience altogether. Yessy and I did had fun there, and I'm sure with an open mind, you will also enjoy yourself there.

Oh sidetrack a bit, we also went to take photo with a baby tiger which is soooooooooo cute! So adorable. Now I know why so many people want to keep tiger cubs as pets.

The 3rd day morning was another unique experience. We went over to for an adventure day where we sat in a cart pulled by bulls, watched how the Thailand people in the past sow, nurture, harvest and process their rice, canoing, enjoyed the interesting monkey and elephants shows and went for our virgin elephant trekking. Quite fun, however, to some point, when you see how the humans treat the animals, you also get quite disheartened by it.

As for the night, we just went back to our hotel, rest for a while and spend some time talking. True quality time spent. Lolx...

No photos here. Someone "forgot" to bring her camera charger, which was actually all along in her luggage... Haiz...

Then, we made our way to the hotel restaurant for our dinner, pack up our bags and prepare to make our way home to Singapore.

Though the trip was kind of packed with activities and tiring sometimes, nevertheless, it was as interesting and exciting as it could be. Especially it was the first time we planned for a such a long trip together. What could be more exciting than that, right? =P

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