Saturday, August 30, 2008

How Do You Realize Endless Energy

I believe everyone will wish for an endless supply of energy where finally you won't have to drag yourself back home from a tedious day at work.

As absurd as it may sound, it is really possible to realize endless energy by employing a simple principle often used by the smartest people in the world.

The principle is applied in almost every areas of our lives like:
  • Powering cars like Toyota hybrid cars
  • Running space shuttles
  • Designing high skyscrapers
  • Creating and managing great wealth
  • And many, many more... ...
So what has powering a hybrid car to do with bringing in unending supply of energy for you? Well, the greatest engineers of our time have come to a conclusion that in order to have more energy, the idea is not to make more energy, rather to waste less.

By converting more energy into useful energy, you can practically do more with the same amount of energy given to you every day.

With the same principle, by consciously deciding how your energy is to be used, you will be shown to a totally whole new world.

So what is it that often drains you of your energy? Well, I guess the answer is very simple and straightforward, STRESS!

As a matter of fact, scientists around the world have come to an agreement that stress is one of the main cause of the many diseases that plague our world today.

Think about the word "dis-ease". To be not be at ease is to attract various diseases into your life. Learning how to manage, control and utilize stress is one of the many life abilities people of this modern society need to possess in order to survive and thrive.

Imagine a mind at peace with itself and a quietly contented heart.

Great billionaires, millionaires and engineers have time and time prove to the world that controlling and managing stress is truly achievable and the rewards are nothing less than fantastic. And that of course have to start from you taking the first step in performing a simple self-analysis of where your vital energy is being lost to.

Relax if you do not know the "How-To" yet. There is no need for you to do tons of research, read thousands of pages of book or spend hours in stress management courses. All these could be easily attained within 60 minutes from NOW by utilizing this very simple tool, a powerful new audio seminar by Guy Finley, 21 Ways to Determine Your Level of Stress.

For only a mere $2.99, you will learn:
  • The one and only cause of stress and how to defeat it
  • How to tap into your endless resources of energy
  • The possible ways to clear the pains of your past and expand on your possibilities
  • The many means to raising the quality of your enjoyment in life and the people in it
  • The real pleasure of experiencing true freedom now!
Can you imagine sailing easily through your day, enjoying peaceful night rest and having the confidence to handle all challenges in life is no longer a dream, rather an achievable task. The feeling will be wonderful, isn't it?

For just a mere cost of $2.99, you will learn how to start putting energy back into your life almost immediately.

P.S. If you are still pondering why don't Guy Finley made the audio free, that I have no idea. All the same, I agree with him in charing a nominal fee for it. Giving away such valuable information for free makes the information looks and sound worthless while pricing it too high makes it unavailable to the masses. Thus, pricing it at $2.99 ensures that those with the desire to transform their lives will be given the opportunity to do so.

And if you are still skeptical about the quality of the information you are about to receive, a 30 days money back guarantee is given for you to give it a try. If you are unsatisfied with the information provided (which I highly doubt so), you can ask for your money back anytime. Now, how's that?

You indeed have the endless supply of energy in your hands. You just need to know how to utilize it.

Click on the link below and start tapping into the endless energy available to you right now.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Know Where To Direct Your Energy

Like time, the amount of energy we have each day is limited. Thus, it just makes sense to know what events, people or circumstances merit our attention and energy.

Many people are actually wasting their energy, time and effort on many things which are of little or no importance to their success. However, they still give them their attention? Why is that so? Well, one of the reason is because they are used to doing so. Right?

When some reckless driver cut in front of you without prior signaling, what is your initial reaction? Get angry over his/her recklessness, correct? However, if you think about it, what has you to gain by being angry?


Like what I had mentioned earlier in the other posts, I'm someone of not very good temper. Thus, a small incident may just spark my anger of fiery, jumping up and down, cursing and swearing. And if I had the chance to meet up with others, I would go about complaining what had happened and relived in the situation again.

Are you also guilty of that? If so, you are not alone. ^^

Just that next time when you are getting angry, think again. Does the situation merits you expanding your precious energy in it? Also, when you get agitated or frustrated over the situation or person, what good does it do to you? Does the situation get better? Or will the person apologize to you?

Being continuously angry over some issues or not wanting to forgive someone is like taking poison and hoping the other party will die. How ironic, isn't it?

The worse part is not being able to let go of the past situation and keep reliving in them by constantly thinking about the incident, complaining to others over and over again and wondering what you have done to deserve all these.

And if you have looked carefully, no one has ever asked you to indulge in those negative situations repeatedly except yourself.

That is why sometimes I could get from being slightly pissed off to being very agitated. It is not because what others have done (or not done) to me, but rather I couldn't let the past pass!

For that reason, the more you hold on to an undesirable situation, the more undesirable the situation will become and the more "reasons" you will find for yourself for getting more emotionally charged up. It's all an vicious cycle.

Thus, for your own sake and the sake of others around you, learn to break the vicious cycle, be more aware of your own emotions and alter them accordingly. More often than not, it is the people closest to you who have to endure your lashing, not the real "culprit".

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Beautiful Singapore Night

23 August 2008 was the day which Singapore celebrates the Singapore spirit! Erm... whatever that means, that night was probably the most beautiful Singapore night sky I ever saw in my life till now.

The only not so good thing was the rain and the crowd! It was drizzling halfway through the firework performance and really spoiled the whole event. Imagining having to look up to the sky to view the fireworks when the rain kept on beating down on your face. Irritating, isn't it?

Though the event could have been better without the rain, however the firework was still as pretty as it could be.

After enduring through the rain, we had to endure the crowd where people were squeezing one another trying to cross the road to reach Marina Square. As it was still drizzling, we were all carrying our umbrellas which really posed as a danger to the people around us. I got poked by others' umbrellas countless time before I managed to set foot in Marina Square. ^^"

Well, can't complain much for we got the tickets at quite a cheap price, $7/ticket, compared to $10++/ticket. All thanks to Yessy. ^^

Oh ya, photos are from the courtesy of... ....

Guess Who Is The Real Girl

OMG! When I received this email from one of my badminton friends, I am really surprised. Surprised not because there are transgender in Thailand. I guess everyone knows that. What's more surprising is that MOST of the transgenders prove themselves to be much prettier than the ladies we have here!

Now let's put aside all the morale issues. Such topics have been around as long as I can remember and I really don't see any use in debating, discussing or arguing over them.

What I am more interested to know out of the 3 girls below, who do you think is born as a female or you think that all 3 of them are transgender.

I personally like to think that the ones in blue and black blouses are transgender, not the one in white.

I'm not sure why, however, when looking at her (or him), I really hope she (or he) is born as a female from birth. To me, she (or he) just looks more normal. That's what I like to think... .... ^^"

For clearer view, just click on the pictures to enlarge them

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Creature Of Choices Has Broken The 5 Million Ranking Record

Recently, out of curiosity, I went to do a search on to find out how well this blabbering blog is doing.

Why do I say it is just a blabbering blog? Well, if you have been reading this blog regularly, it practically contains almost everything under the sun. There is no niche control, as to what specific topic it actually talks about.

To state it in more layman terms, this blog is kind of like our Singapore rojak, where many different ingredients are placed together, mixed around and served to the customers. Well, if you aren't a Singaporean and haven't tried it, I will highly recommend you give it a try. ^^

For this blog, I talked about almost anything that comes to my mind. I write about my life, what I enjoy and not so enjoy about it. And among the many posts were some inspiring stories which I find invigorating when I share them with you.

At this time of writing, this blog has an Alexa ranking of 4,887,200 and it was really out of my expectations. Well, you may be thinking, "No big deal right? After all, it ranks among the millions!"

Yup, to a certain extent you are correct. However, may I also ask you a question? How many websites are there in the World Wide Web today?

Accordingly to a netcraft report, there exists 156 million websites altogether! However, does that include the blogs as well? That is unsure.

Technorati on the other hand claims that the total number of blogs alone is currently in excess of 100 million! Excluding other websites!

Therefore, just by achieving a ranking of 4 million out of the 100 million, this blog was already rank top 4% of all the blogs now!

Now if you're thinking that I am kind of bragging here, then let me inform you that I wasn't. A ranking of 4 million + in Alexa is nothing to be proud of in front of all the real internet marketers out there. However, for the effort I put in, I really am amazed by the results.

Well, after having said so, having an Alexa ranking of 4,887,200 may not be fantastic in your eyes, however, it certainly brighten up my day. ^^

Actually, the blog ranking isn't the real reason why I am happy. What really makes me happy is that there are in fact kind people like you, who are willingly to spend time visiting this blog. Frankly speaking, I have no means to find out who you are or where you resides in. Nevertheless, I will still want to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for being here to read my rants and sometimes, nonsense posts.

And of course, that gratitude goes out to all people, including friends from different part of the world as well. It seems that I have more "supporters" from other countries as compared to Singapore. Hmm... ... That's funny, I thought I should have more readers coming from the country I resides in. Lolx... ...

Now, irregardless of your nationality or your motive for visiting this blog (whether if you are just wanting to kill time or is really interested in the content of this blog), I am still grateful that you find it worthwhile to come here.

As you may have noticed, all the blog posts aren't archived in categories. Instead, they are archived according to the month as what I have presently defined it to be. I don't know about you, however I find it kind of inconvenience to find posts that are archived in this way! I did try to change the way the posts are categorized, however there's only a few choices to choose from and this type of archiving makes the most sense.

Okie, I better not complain too much. After all, I don't really own this blog. It is Google who has the real authority over here. I don't want to come back here one day and find it missing or blocked out.

Alright, once again, thanks for visiting and do come back again for more rantings from me. See you again soon. ^^''

Monday, August 18, 2008

Inspiring Kids

Alright, let's do away with all the redundant introduction and get into the main highlight. Go ahead and stream the 3 videos. Be prepared to be inspired and get blow away by the young geniuses of our time.

I don't mind admitting that when I was watching the videos, my tears were swelling up at my eyes. Truly fantastic!

Blind 5 Year Old Korean Girl Pianist - Child Genius

Connie Talbot on Taiwan TV Show

Connie Talbot & Korean Blind Girl on Korea TV Show

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Does Real Productivity Means to You?

What is productivity to you? Does it symbolize accomplishing more within a shorter period of time? Also, what do you often link productivity to? Work, right? Well, most people do that.

Increasing your productivity in work is not always about learning new skills, employing the latest technology etc. Of course, I am not denying the fact that those learnings could be of great help to increasing one's productivity. However, there may be something out there which is much easier to learn, apply and live by.

True productivity, in my opinion, comes from total focus and concentration in doing the tasks at hand. Think about it, how could you be giving in your 100% to your work at hand when you have challenges in other areas of your life circulating around in your head while working? Quite impossible, right? And now, you have another challenge to work on, how to give your 100% at work.

At present, I believe many companies talk extensively about the importance of work-life balance. Is the company you are working in one of them? If so, how good is your company management walking their talks? More than often, they are just playing lip service. Just take a good look at them. Do you really think they are doing a good job in balancing their work and life?

It may be true that your company may be encouraging work-life balance policy and doing some things to help you achieve that. However, you must also recognize one very important point, sales volume and revenue is what each and every companies most concern about. In fact, that is usually their top most priority in their hierarchy.

Thus, no matter how much lip services your company management is playing, achieving work-life is really up to you. External help from company is often welcomed, however, the main responsibility does fall on you.

Therefore, for your own sake, stop treating work as your life. You should know better than me that work is just part of your life. It isn't and shouldn't be your everything. Work exists to keep you mentally worked out and to earn you salary to feed your family and pay for your family dreams.

Start drafting out your productive plan. Stress reduction, pursuing your hobbies, spending quality time with your family, looking after your wellness should be included as part of your productive routine.

Also, one more very important point to take home with you. Don't leave productivity in your office when you return home. Bring it with you wherever you go. You need to be productive in everything you do, regardless if it is spending time with your loved ones or just enjoying some quality free time for yourself.

That is to say, productivity shouldn't be just link to your work, but to everything you do in your life. It is your life which you should be productive about.

Give in your 100% in everything you do and start experiencing for yourself the great changes that are to come into your life.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Love Is What Makes the World Goes Round

Often, I always have a good introduction for sharing something inspiring and/or interesting with you. However, this time, I am really lose for words. The following short clip which I will be going to share with you today has genuinely opened my eyes to true love.

True love is never bounded and definitely you know that. Also, true love in unconditioned. Conditioned love is never love, just trading.

Stop trading and start loving. Love the person as who he/she. Loves he/she for both his/her strengths and flaws. Everyone is imperfect, so are you, and that is why we need others to complement us and to make us perfect.

Perfection doesn't comes from an individual, but from a group of people complementing each other. Think it as a jigsaw puzzle. The only reason why a whole, beautiful picture can be attained is because of the existence of both the strengths and flaws in each and every pieces.

Start acknowledging your own strengths and weakness for it is your first step to you in recognizing your place in the whole picture.

Following Bangkok Is Phuket

The 4th day was another early day for us. If I was not wrong, we again had to wake up around 4am to catch our domestic flight to Phuket from Bangkok.

Luckily, the check out process of our room was done promptly and the taxi was already there waiting for us to take us to the airport right after we were done. Quite pleasant to know that we were getting prompt and friendly services at the I-Hotel in Bangkok. If were to go back to Bangkok again, I-Hotel will surely be my first choice!

Upon arriving at the Bangkok airport, there was really nothing much we could do except to catch up on our sleep, though it was quite hard to do so, without my jacket... ... For someone else was holding on to it. :-|

The trip to Phuket was only an hour of flight. And as expected, the international airport at Phuket wasn't fantastic. It has what an airport is supposed to have, nothing more and nothing fancy.

Then we took a cab to our hotel, By The Sea Residence. From the picture we saw when we were making our booking online in Singapore, both of us were quite impressed by the photo displayed on the web page. And we were certainly wondering would we get what we see in the photo? Highly unlikely, right?

Well, I must say when I first set foot onto the hotel ground, I wasn't impressed at all. It wasn't that grand or that beautiful as what I thought it to be.

However, upon entering into our room, it was a totally different feeling altogether. In the room was a small living room, a kitchen, a spacious bathroom with both bathtub and shower head. And not to mentioned about the nice, trendy furnishings in the room.

And dude, I haven't talk about the scenery outside our room yet! All rooms in the By The Sea Residence are facing the sea. You will get to see the sea just by stepping out of your room. It was the first time I hear Yessy giving such positive comments about a room. After all, she is particularly concerned about the cleanliness of the room which she resides in. And without saying, By The Sea Residence definitely meet her cut!

Actually, in Phuket there wasn't much to do. Like in Bintan, what we looking for was not another hectic schedule as what we had in Bangkok. We had already done the majority of our shopping in Bangkok.

There in Phuket, all we seek was time of rest, relaxation and to try something new.

We didn't plant our first day there with many activities. We just over to Phuket town using the free transport provided by the hotel and spent some time there. Oh ya, almost forgot, we had our lunch there, a seafood lunch. We ordered a chili crab, or something like that. I am sure we're having crabs, however I am not sure how they cook it.

Nevertheless, the crabs surely taste fantastically delicious. Yessy was there again praising the good food there! Lolx... Another satisfied customer!

After that, we just slept through the whole night, missing our dinner. Lolx... Both were too shagged to think about hunger.

The 2nd day, we once again went to visit Phuket Town. However, this time, we went over to the Central, which I think was the only shopping center there.

And if you were thinking it was just another simple, run down shopping center, think again. The shopping center, known as Central, was quite posh and big scale for your info. The goods sold there wasn't that cheap also.

Yessy got her Jim Thompson bag for S$140+ dollars. And before that, she was there complaining about how expensive the bag was. Still, she got what she wanted, after much persuasion and concrete actions from me, if you understand what I am talking.

In the central I just saw something interesting and cute when Yessy went to the restroom. The phone booth was quite nicely decorated... Isn't it?

The 2nd night was the highlight of our Phuket trip, a visit to the Fantasea! For certain, the place didn't fall short of our expectations.

The entrance itself was very grand... ...

And inside was another world by itself. The buildings, the people, the stuffs etc were all quite impressive.

Unlike most theme parks, there didn't exist any exciting rides. The highlight of the place was the show at night, around 2100hrs. And before that we just had our buffet dinner in the most well decorated and biggest room I have ever been.

After that, we went to catch the 1930hrs short dance performance...

Later on, we made our way to the indoor safari where we saw exotic animals like snakes and some cute ones like parrots and hamsters. It is a totally new experience. Imagining a safari, indoor, quite interesting!

After that was just some photo taking sessions...

Then we were off to view the highlight of the night. As shooting and cameras were forbidden inside, we abide by the rules and didn't take any photos. So, if you want to know how the show looked like, you have to visit the place yourself. =P

If you ask me, I will certainly recommend you to pay Fantasea a visit should you be at Phuket. It may not be as fantastic as you imagined it to be. However, it is surely a totally new experience altogether. Yessy and I did had fun there, and I'm sure with an open mind, you will also enjoy yourself there.

Oh sidetrack a bit, we also went to take photo with a baby tiger which is soooooooooo cute! So adorable. Now I know why so many people want to keep tiger cubs as pets.

The 3rd day morning was another unique experience. We went over to for an adventure day where we sat in a cart pulled by bulls, watched how the Thailand people in the past sow, nurture, harvest and process their rice, canoing, enjoyed the interesting monkey and elephants shows and went for our virgin elephant trekking. Quite fun, however, to some point, when you see how the humans treat the animals, you also get quite disheartened by it.

As for the night, we just went back to our hotel, rest for a while and spend some time talking. True quality time spent. Lolx...

No photos here. Someone "forgot" to bring her camera charger, which was actually all along in her luggage... Haiz...

Then, we made our way to the hotel restaurant for our dinner, pack up our bags and prepare to make our way home to Singapore.

Though the trip was kind of packed with activities and tiring sometimes, nevertheless, it was as interesting and exciting as it could be. Especially it was the first time we planned for a such a long trip together. What could be more exciting than that, right? =P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thailand Trip 2008

Finally... After so long, I have found time to start writing my blog again.

It seems like ages since I last wrote my last blog post. Hmm.... ....

Alright, enough complaining. And as what title says, this post is about the trip I had to Thailand.

In total, I spent around 6-7 days in Thailand, 4D3N in Bangkok and another 4D3N in Phuket, both free and easy.

It was really an enjoyable trip where Yessy and I did many things together, went to some very unique and beautiful places and had our own shares of adventures.

The only thing I wasn't so happy was the first day where I had to wake up at 4am in the morning to catch the plane to Bangkok. The night before, I just came back from my ICT. If I remember correctly, I only at less than 4 hours of sleep.

For those who know me, I don't have a good temper to start with. And with the "excuse" of lack of sleep coming into play, I became even more easily irritable. Thus, our first day and first night wasn't really that enjoyable because of that.

However, I did managed to make it up for her and the rest of our holidays proved to be as enjoyable as it could be.

For the first night, we went over to Yessy's best friend's wedding to send her our congrats. When at her wedding, I could sense that Yessy was really, really happy for her, with a tinkle of envy as well. Married at the early age of 23 and married into a wealthy family some more. Who would not be envy? Even I was! Lolx...

The wedding banquet was held in Bangkok, Hilton hotel. To be frank, everything was so coincident. The wedding was actually held on the night which we first touched down in Bangkok. Everything just clicked into place without any planning on our part! How's that?

And the 2nd day in Bangkok onwards, we did what the majority of the tourists would do, visiting the Grand Palace and did some site seeing. Below are some pictures we took at the Grand Palace.

Majestic Building

What a Funny Looking Girl!?

Lunch near the Grand Palace! Shag

The second night was a special one. We went for a romantic dinner cruise at Chao Praya River. Frankly speaking, the dinner was kind of expensive, totaling up to S$80 per couple if I am not wrong. That was pretty much for a meal in Bangkok I must say.

However, even having said so, the dinner cruise was indeed an enjoyable one. The dinner was nice, so was the sceneries. The buildings alongside of the Chao Praya River certainly looked different as they were in the day. The dances and the music were great too, so was the service!

Great Food!

Great Performance!

Nice Sceneries!

The 3rd day, we went over to the Elephant Zoo under the recommendation of Ah Pang.

Oh ya, forgetting to mentioned, all thanks to him, our accommodation in Bangkok was simply wonderful! Cheap, nice, clean and easily accessible. Nothing could be better than that!

The only thing not so good was the hotel's heater. It just couldn't keep itself continuously "on". For their information, like all other tourists, we would like to have a continuous supply of warm water for our bathe!!

Oh gosh, there I was complaining again!? Ok, never mind. Let's look at more photos.

Taking Photos With Elephants

Feeding Time! Oh, who feed who?

The Crocodile Woman

Olympic Elephant Soccer Match

What The? Feed Again?

Get Harassed By An Elephant

Photo Taking with The "Ferocious" Tigers

The 3rd night was a fast one. Went over to MBK, had our dinner and made our way back to hotel and pack up for our next stop, Phuket...