Friday, August 15, 2008

Love Is What Makes the World Goes Round

Often, I always have a good introduction for sharing something inspiring and/or interesting with you. However, this time, I am really lose for words. The following short clip which I will be going to share with you today has genuinely opened my eyes to true love.

True love is never bounded and definitely you know that. Also, true love in unconditioned. Conditioned love is never love, just trading.

Stop trading and start loving. Love the person as who he/she. Loves he/she for both his/her strengths and flaws. Everyone is imperfect, so are you, and that is why we need others to complement us and to make us perfect.

Perfection doesn't comes from an individual, but from a group of people complementing each other. Think it as a jigsaw puzzle. The only reason why a whole, beautiful picture can be attained is because of the existence of both the strengths and flaws in each and every pieces.

Start acknowledging your own strengths and weakness for it is your first step to you in recognizing your place in the whole picture.

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