Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Potential Of Your Mind

We have always been told that we humans actually used less than 10% of our mind. In fact, for those who understand how to utilize just a bit more of their minds they would eventually turn out to be geniuses of their time. Some great examples are Thomas Edison, Da Vinic etc.

To be frank, no great scientists in our world, yet, can predict what is the true potential in everyone. There are stories of which people around the world were able to perform "superhuman" activities when their loved ones or themselves were in dire, life and death situations.

A simple search in the YouTube will get you results of people performing the so-called "superhuman" activities.

Actually, have you wondered why do we consider those actions or abilities "superhuman". Does it ever crosses your mind that, those so-called "superhuman" abilities could just be our innate, inborn abilities.

It may be just our own limitations that we put on ourselves that we claim our underperformed actions are then real "human" behaviors. Probably when we start changing the outlook of ourselves then can we really start experiencing our true "human" abilities.

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