Thursday, August 28, 2008

Know Where To Direct Your Energy

Like time, the amount of energy we have each day is limited. Thus, it just makes sense to know what events, people or circumstances merit our attention and energy.

Many people are actually wasting their energy, time and effort on many things which are of little or no importance to their success. However, they still give them their attention? Why is that so? Well, one of the reason is because they are used to doing so. Right?

When some reckless driver cut in front of you without prior signaling, what is your initial reaction? Get angry over his/her recklessness, correct? However, if you think about it, what has you to gain by being angry?


Like what I had mentioned earlier in the other posts, I'm someone of not very good temper. Thus, a small incident may just spark my anger of fiery, jumping up and down, cursing and swearing. And if I had the chance to meet up with others, I would go about complaining what had happened and relived in the situation again.

Are you also guilty of that? If so, you are not alone. ^^

Just that next time when you are getting angry, think again. Does the situation merits you expanding your precious energy in it? Also, when you get agitated or frustrated over the situation or person, what good does it do to you? Does the situation get better? Or will the person apologize to you?

Being continuously angry over some issues or not wanting to forgive someone is like taking poison and hoping the other party will die. How ironic, isn't it?

The worse part is not being able to let go of the past situation and keep reliving in them by constantly thinking about the incident, complaining to others over and over again and wondering what you have done to deserve all these.

And if you have looked carefully, no one has ever asked you to indulge in those negative situations repeatedly except yourself.

That is why sometimes I could get from being slightly pissed off to being very agitated. It is not because what others have done (or not done) to me, but rather I couldn't let the past pass!

For that reason, the more you hold on to an undesirable situation, the more undesirable the situation will become and the more "reasons" you will find for yourself for getting more emotionally charged up. It's all an vicious cycle.

Thus, for your own sake and the sake of others around you, learn to break the vicious cycle, be more aware of your own emotions and alter them accordingly. More often than not, it is the people closest to you who have to endure your lashing, not the real "culprit".

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