Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Does Real Productivity Means to You?

What is productivity to you? Does it symbolize accomplishing more within a shorter period of time? Also, what do you often link productivity to? Work, right? Well, most people do that.

Increasing your productivity in work is not always about learning new skills, employing the latest technology etc. Of course, I am not denying the fact that those learnings could be of great help to increasing one's productivity. However, there may be something out there which is much easier to learn, apply and live by.

True productivity, in my opinion, comes from total focus and concentration in doing the tasks at hand. Think about it, how could you be giving in your 100% to your work at hand when you have challenges in other areas of your life circulating around in your head while working? Quite impossible, right? And now, you have another challenge to work on, how to give your 100% at work.

At present, I believe many companies talk extensively about the importance of work-life balance. Is the company you are working in one of them? If so, how good is your company management walking their talks? More than often, they are just playing lip service. Just take a good look at them. Do you really think they are doing a good job in balancing their work and life?

It may be true that your company may be encouraging work-life balance policy and doing some things to help you achieve that. However, you must also recognize one very important point, sales volume and revenue is what each and every companies most concern about. In fact, that is usually their top most priority in their hierarchy.

Thus, no matter how much lip services your company management is playing, achieving work-life is really up to you. External help from company is often welcomed, however, the main responsibility does fall on you.

Therefore, for your own sake, stop treating work as your life. You should know better than me that work is just part of your life. It isn't and shouldn't be your everything. Work exists to keep you mentally worked out and to earn you salary to feed your family and pay for your family dreams.

Start drafting out your productive plan. Stress reduction, pursuing your hobbies, spending quality time with your family, looking after your wellness should be included as part of your productive routine.

Also, one more very important point to take home with you. Don't leave productivity in your office when you return home. Bring it with you wherever you go. You need to be productive in everything you do, regardless if it is spending time with your loved ones or just enjoying some quality free time for yourself.

That is to say, productivity shouldn't be just link to your work, but to everything you do in your life. It is your life which you should be productive about.

Give in your 100% in everything you do and start experiencing for yourself the great changes that are to come into your life.

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