Thursday, April 10, 2008

7th April 2008 - Thanks For Remembering...

This particular day is definitely different from the previous 23 years. Although I have not been really celebrating that day for the past 23 years, in this year 2008, that day proved to be quite unforgettable and very enjoyable.

I got quite some interesting presents for that day. First, a lot of goodies from my air stewardess. Because of her goodies I manage to gain more weight... All thanks to you Grace. ^^

Secondly is the special present from my sisters. A S$200 Levis voucher!! I still don't really know what makes them want to give me the vouchers. Nevertheless, I will be sure to buy something I like with that...

Thirdly, is the present from my dear! Lolx... She actually spent quite a lot of money for that day, a day which I don't put any emphasize on.
  1. A 5 CDs love songs! Very nice. She knows I like soothing songs. Nice packaging too! ^^
  2. A wonderful and INSIGHTFUL buffet dinner at Meritus Mandarin. Because of that dinner I get to know my dear better.
  3. An interesting and very relaxing short trip to Bintan. Although it is just a short 2D1N trip, it is probably one of my most relaxing trip I had so far. No worries, no schedule to follow and no one to listen to. Only me and her... Walk, talk, joke and laugh. ^^

And of course to those who takes the time and effort to remember that day for me. You know I appreciate it. ^^