Friday, August 1, 2008

The Month Of July... Phew

Wow... the past month was really hectic one! It was so jam packed with activities that I could hardly breathe!

And if you are wondering what had I been doing for the past month, below is a condensed version of my "itinerary" for the month, the hectic July 2008.

7th July 2008 to 15 July 2008 - Family Trip to Japan

21st July 2008 to 25th July 2008 - Army ICT

26th July 2008 - 1st August 2008 - Thailand Trip

Phew. Just the act of writing it scares me. Well, as busy as it seemed, this month was probably the most enjoyable and fruitful month during my holiday periods.

In fact, this month spells many of my virgin moments! Lolx...

Family Trip to Japan

July was the month which I took my first flight to Japan. Certainly, the trip didn't fall short of my expectations. Although my family and I went in the month of summer and it was scorching hot there, it never dampened my mood there. Instead, the hot weather there only served to fire up my passion and determination to enjoy every passing moments in Japan. More on the Japan trip later. Now moving on to...

Army ICT

This July ICT aka In Camp Training, was also one of my virgin moments. Though I must admit I certainly wasn't expecting my first ICT to come that early and I was definitely not excited, not even a little bit, about it. However, things weren't that bad as I imagined them to be. In fact, other than for one stupid incident during one of the training, the rest of the ICT was certainly as enjoyable as it could be. Again, more on that and the stupid incident later...

Thailand Trip

Unlike the previously 2 events, this Thailand trip is a bit more special. It was not my first time traveling to Thailand, nor neither is it my first time to Bangkok. However, it was my first time going to that place with someone else, someone special. Once again, more on that later. There wasn't much energy left in me already. Just touch down to Singapore, busy unpacking the luggage and my field pack items from ICT... Just give me more time to rest and I will update you the rest of the happe...nin...g.....Zzzzzzzzz

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