Saturday, August 23, 2008

Creature Of Choices Has Broken The 5 Million Ranking Record

Recently, out of curiosity, I went to do a search on to find out how well this blabbering blog is doing.

Why do I say it is just a blabbering blog? Well, if you have been reading this blog regularly, it practically contains almost everything under the sun. There is no niche control, as to what specific topic it actually talks about.

To state it in more layman terms, this blog is kind of like our Singapore rojak, where many different ingredients are placed together, mixed around and served to the customers. Well, if you aren't a Singaporean and haven't tried it, I will highly recommend you give it a try. ^^

For this blog, I talked about almost anything that comes to my mind. I write about my life, what I enjoy and not so enjoy about it. And among the many posts were some inspiring stories which I find invigorating when I share them with you.

At this time of writing, this blog has an Alexa ranking of 4,887,200 and it was really out of my expectations. Well, you may be thinking, "No big deal right? After all, it ranks among the millions!"

Yup, to a certain extent you are correct. However, may I also ask you a question? How many websites are there in the World Wide Web today?

Accordingly to a netcraft report, there exists 156 million websites altogether! However, does that include the blogs as well? That is unsure.

Technorati on the other hand claims that the total number of blogs alone is currently in excess of 100 million! Excluding other websites!

Therefore, just by achieving a ranking of 4 million out of the 100 million, this blog was already rank top 4% of all the blogs now!

Now if you're thinking that I am kind of bragging here, then let me inform you that I wasn't. A ranking of 4 million + in Alexa is nothing to be proud of in front of all the real internet marketers out there. However, for the effort I put in, I really am amazed by the results.

Well, after having said so, having an Alexa ranking of 4,887,200 may not be fantastic in your eyes, however, it certainly brighten up my day. ^^

Actually, the blog ranking isn't the real reason why I am happy. What really makes me happy is that there are in fact kind people like you, who are willingly to spend time visiting this blog. Frankly speaking, I have no means to find out who you are or where you resides in. Nevertheless, I will still want to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for being here to read my rants and sometimes, nonsense posts.

And of course, that gratitude goes out to all people, including friends from different part of the world as well. It seems that I have more "supporters" from other countries as compared to Singapore. Hmm... ... That's funny, I thought I should have more readers coming from the country I resides in. Lolx... ...

Now, irregardless of your nationality or your motive for visiting this blog (whether if you are just wanting to kill time or is really interested in the content of this blog), I am still grateful that you find it worthwhile to come here.

As you may have noticed, all the blog posts aren't archived in categories. Instead, they are archived according to the month as what I have presently defined it to be. I don't know about you, however I find it kind of inconvenience to find posts that are archived in this way! I did try to change the way the posts are categorized, however there's only a few choices to choose from and this type of archiving makes the most sense.

Okie, I better not complain too much. After all, I don't really own this blog. It is Google who has the real authority over here. I don't want to come back here one day and find it missing or blocked out.

Alright, once again, thanks for visiting and do come back again for more rantings from me. See you again soon. ^^''

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