Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thailand Trip 2008

Finally... After so long, I have found time to start writing my blog again.

It seems like ages since I last wrote my last blog post. Hmm.... ....

Alright, enough complaining. And as what title says, this post is about the trip I had to Thailand.

In total, I spent around 6-7 days in Thailand, 4D3N in Bangkok and another 4D3N in Phuket, both free and easy.

It was really an enjoyable trip where Yessy and I did many things together, went to some very unique and beautiful places and had our own shares of adventures.

The only thing I wasn't so happy was the first day where I had to wake up at 4am in the morning to catch the plane to Bangkok. The night before, I just came back from my ICT. If I remember correctly, I only at less than 4 hours of sleep.

For those who know me, I don't have a good temper to start with. And with the "excuse" of lack of sleep coming into play, I became even more easily irritable. Thus, our first day and first night wasn't really that enjoyable because of that.

However, I did managed to make it up for her and the rest of our holidays proved to be as enjoyable as it could be.

For the first night, we went over to Yessy's best friend's wedding to send her our congrats. When at her wedding, I could sense that Yessy was really, really happy for her, with a tinkle of envy as well. Married at the early age of 23 and married into a wealthy family some more. Who would not be envy? Even I was! Lolx...

The wedding banquet was held in Bangkok, Hilton hotel. To be frank, everything was so coincident. The wedding was actually held on the night which we first touched down in Bangkok. Everything just clicked into place without any planning on our part! How's that?

And the 2nd day in Bangkok onwards, we did what the majority of the tourists would do, visiting the Grand Palace and did some site seeing. Below are some pictures we took at the Grand Palace.

Majestic Building

What a Funny Looking Girl!?

Lunch near the Grand Palace! Shag

The second night was a special one. We went for a romantic dinner cruise at Chao Praya River. Frankly speaking, the dinner was kind of expensive, totaling up to S$80 per couple if I am not wrong. That was pretty much for a meal in Bangkok I must say.

However, even having said so, the dinner cruise was indeed an enjoyable one. The dinner was nice, so was the sceneries. The buildings alongside of the Chao Praya River certainly looked different as they were in the day. The dances and the music were great too, so was the service!

Great Food!

Great Performance!

Nice Sceneries!

The 3rd day, we went over to the Elephant Zoo under the recommendation of Ah Pang.

Oh ya, forgetting to mentioned, all thanks to him, our accommodation in Bangkok was simply wonderful! Cheap, nice, clean and easily accessible. Nothing could be better than that!

The only thing not so good was the hotel's heater. It just couldn't keep itself continuously "on". For their information, like all other tourists, we would like to have a continuous supply of warm water for our bathe!!

Oh gosh, there I was complaining again!? Ok, never mind. Let's look at more photos.

Taking Photos With Elephants

Feeding Time! Oh, who feed who?

The Crocodile Woman

Olympic Elephant Soccer Match

What The? Feed Again?

Get Harassed By An Elephant

Photo Taking with The "Ferocious" Tigers

The 3rd night was a fast one. Went over to MBK, had our dinner and made our way back to hotel and pack up for our next stop, Phuket...

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