Monday, August 25, 2008

A Beautiful Singapore Night

23 August 2008 was the day which Singapore celebrates the Singapore spirit! Erm... whatever that means, that night was probably the most beautiful Singapore night sky I ever saw in my life till now.

The only not so good thing was the rain and the crowd! It was drizzling halfway through the firework performance and really spoiled the whole event. Imagining having to look up to the sky to view the fireworks when the rain kept on beating down on your face. Irritating, isn't it?

Though the event could have been better without the rain, however the firework was still as pretty as it could be.

After enduring through the rain, we had to endure the crowd where people were squeezing one another trying to cross the road to reach Marina Square. As it was still drizzling, we were all carrying our umbrellas which really posed as a danger to the people around us. I got poked by others' umbrellas countless time before I managed to set foot in Marina Square. ^^"

Well, can't complain much for we got the tickets at quite a cheap price, $7/ticket, compared to $10++/ticket. All thanks to Yessy. ^^

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