Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Jerk Versus A Nice Guy

One question for the ladies. Who do you like more? A jerk or a teddy bear nice guy?

Well, I don't know about you, however, I often find girls falling for the jerks rather than for the teddy nice guy. And I always wonder why.

Just as I was wondering and doing some research on the web (yup, I'm bored alright!) I came to understand the reason why girls often give up good, nice guys for those nasty jerks.

A great deal of the time, girls mistaken self-centeredness for self esteem and arrogance for high confidence.

While for the nice, teddy bear guys, they are often perceived as being gutless and always giving in to what the girl wants.

Well, females are definitely some weird creatures in my opinion. You can't always give in to them for they will view you as a spineless gay.

Therefore guys, if you think doing only the things the girls want is going to make them happy, think again.

Girls need guys who know how to make the correct decisions and still make them happy WITHOUT telling the guys what they want. This shows that the guys understands them and care about them. Funny creatures, isn't it? They just can't verbally tell you what they want or like. They just enjoy playing the guessing game.

Guess correctly, you are rewarded with huge amounts of kisses and hugs. Guess wrongly, oh oh oh... I shall leave that to your imagination.

To me, girls don't fancy guys who only cares about what they want.

Therefore, to be an ideal guy for your girl, know what you want and go for them while at the same time, know what your girl wants and get it for them.

To me, that is what most girls want, isn't it girls? :)

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