Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Introducing New Fees. AGAIN!?

First was the new University fees. Then follow by the ever increasing hostel fees. Next, is the implementation of the parking fees. So what's next?

**Drum Roll** Introducing, the new STF (Special Term Fees)! Oh how interesting.

Oh gosh, why aren't you as surprised, excited or agitated as before? What happened? Are you already numb to those new or raising fees? Well, can't blame you, I believe many people, like you and me, have already given up hope for a stable, cheap University life.

And you know what, the University again has some "reasons" behind their actions.

"Over the years, although participation is optional, the number of students taking Special Terms has grown substantially. Additional resources are needed to conduct the Special Terms over and above the two main semesters. As this can have an impact on the quality of education for the larger student population in the longer term, there is a need to charge for Special Terms so that NTU can continue to provide a high quality education."

Oh my, oh my... They really don't want to get met started on this shit thing again. As you can see, the University now don't even bother finding better "reasons" to introduce the new fees because they know, the students and the student union can do nothing about it.

Well, actually they are given the disillusion that they have some say over it. However, just like during the army days, what you say will be taken into consideration, but NEVER put into action. That is to say, they are practically telling you, "Don't waste your time and my time. Just sit there and give a look of a loser and accept whatever we give you. You need the degree right? If so, just suck thumb, loser!"

So if you are hoping that I will write another long, long post about the unfairness of the new system, then stop hoping. I'm not going to waste my precious time and energy into talking sense with those money-minded freaks. In Chinese, it is called, **
. After all, I only have 1 more freaking year to be in the University. There is only that much they can get from me.

So now, rather than lamenting the actions of those money-minded people, why not we concentrate on more interesting stuffs like making a guess what new fees is the University going to introduce next? Will it be an entrance fee into the University. After all, there are many outside idiots who drive all the way into the University to have their meals in NTU causing so much inconvenience to the students and staffs.

Probably because of that, next time we will be charged a fee for entering the University or even the canteens. Or the University may even implement an ERP system within the school compound. Reason? To curb the already pathetic number of cars traveling within NTU.

Well, if you are thinking the above suggestions are impossible, then think again. Nothing is impossible in the minds of those money-minded freaks. As long as there are money to be earned, it can be done.

Impossible = I'm possible! After all, it is money that makes the world goes round.

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