Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Last Day In ExxonMobil

The 3 Interns Working For Uniformance

Today mark the last day of my attachment with ExxonMobil. Actually my last day should be on the 6th June 2008, however, as I had to go Batam for a 3D2N of fun and relaxation trip, I couldn't help but to ask for an early release. ^^

To be frank, I am really grateful for the great opportunity to work in ExxonMobil. Of course, to say that the whole attachment was only fun and laughter is certainly not the truth. However, sure enough, I had my own fair share of difficult moments and moments of fun and laughter.

Also, not to forget to mention, I had met many wonderful people who had helped me so much for the past 6 months. Some offered me their advice on how to survive in the corporate worlds while others are ever so willingly to impart their technical knowledge to me even though I could be a a nuisance at times.

Though technically I didn't picked up as much as what I could have achieved in other companies, nevertheless, I had learned more important skills like communication skills, interpersonal skills and EQ skills.

For the benefits of those who didn't know what I did during my attachment, I was mainly involved in 2 different type of work.

One is the support work where I would have to contact users when they encountered difficulties in using some of the applications under our support. Also to say, as a system analyst, I had to work with delicate servers to ensure that the services on them are running smoothly as not to cause any unplanned outages.

Secondly, I was part of the the release management team where I assisted the 2 full time employees, Samuel and Hongbo, to prepare and consolidate all the changes to the several systems under our care and create the necessary documents for the rollout to the 50 over chemical and refineries sites all over the world.

Remember the software engineering, CPE 207 for the NTU SCE students? Yup, it is somehow similar.

All in all, it is really a very wonderful experience for me to take home. Wonderful people and wonderful lessons. Though most probably I may not be going back there again, however that doesn't mean the work or people there aren't good. Just my personal preference, that's all.

Well, soon after attachment, I would have to return back to NTU for study again! Argh... For the next 1 year, there will be my Final Year Project (FYP) and the many electives which I have yet to clear waiting for me. And not to forget my core modules! Shit... so many things...

Btw, can someone tells me when should we be registering for my modules? My secretary Angeline Goh seems to have forgotten all about me. Wuahahahaha... Opps, just joking okie, Angeline. ^^

Below are some photos taken during my last day in ExxonMobil. Not a lot of photos as the people there are always so busy...^^" And very thankful to Favain for bringing his camera.

Joanna, A Very, Very Nice Lady

Cheok, The Tier 3 for Everything... Ever So Helpful

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