Monday, June 30, 2008

A Wonderful Poem to Share

The victor's crown only goes to those who've been in war.
Eagles can't stay in their nest if they want to soar.
Sitting on the side lines you'll never be your best.
You can't have a testimony 'till you've had a test.

God won't send thirsty people to an empty well.
Heavens cup sure is sweeter once you've tasted hell.
There's no wine until the grape has gone through the press.
You can't have a testimony 'till you've had a test.

~Jim Rohn~

How true! Good gold must first go through fire. Those experiences which fails to kill you make you. Contrary to what most think, painful experiences are not always negative and to be avoided at all cost.

Along with them brings valuable and useful lessons to all to learn. Something may be lost during the incident. However, something else, usually more valuable, is definitely gained. If not, you are certainly not looking hard enough.

Successes in life comes from making the correct decisions while the ability to make correct decisions come from experiences, often from the painful ones.

Do you know of any successful people who achieved great successes during the early years of their lives, only to lose all or more of what they had gained earlier? Can you identify some of them?

Most, if not every, of the successful people out there have their own unique struggles and sufferings. However, every time they emerge victorious from those so-called "negative" experiences, they get to grow by an inch. That explains why their successes can only be better than before their fall.

The purpose of mistakes is not to create more sufferings or struggle in your life. Instead, it is to teach you what you didn't really have to suffer in the first place. Learn your lessons well the first time for neglected and unlearned lessons are bound to repeat itself.

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