Friday, June 20, 2008

How Often Are You Engaged In Self Improvement?

Well, this may be a very peculiar question to many, however can you answer this question truthfully?

  • When is the last time when you last read a book on how to improve on yourself?
  • What is the last CD, DVD or seminars which you attend?
More than often, the answer which I got from the the majority of the people whom I asked is none other than "ZERO"!

"Oh gosh, who needs self improvement?" or "If self improvement really works, there won't be bad guys in this world at all!" or even "I'm happy with what I am now. I don't need to improve on myself anymore." are just some of the many answers which I receive when I asked the above questions.

Obviously, many people don't really see self improvement or personal development necessary for them. To those people, self improvement courses are for their friends, colleagues or family members to better improve themselves so that they could make their lives easier.

In other words, they are always waiting for other people to change in order for their lives to turn to the better. Other people or external circumstances are always responsible and to be blamed for what happen to them.

The answer ZERO to my above mentioned questions is surely not a well-liked number. What does the number '0' signifies? Does it mean it is not worth the time, effort and money to improve on yourself? Or does that signifies that you have already perfected your life here and there is nothing else you could ever learn from it?

Which one is easier? To change yourself or to change the thousands of millions of people around you? You are a clever person. I'm sure you know the answer.

If the number to the above question remains the same, so will your life. Change the number so will you start seeing changes in your life.

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  1. some people juts cannot change.

    read my post here