Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Dinner With Staffs In Exxon Mobil

This dinner was probably the most fun and full of laughter dinner during my 6 months of internship with Exxon Mobil.

The dinner was actually organized by Samuel and Hongbo as a form of appreciation for us, the 3 interns who had worked under them to help prepare the release rollout for the 50 over chemical and refineries sites.

Also, we had invited Tue, another attachment student who work under Sample Manager to join us along with our team lead Lynette and Sample Manager's team lead, Karen Wong.

Dinner was great. It is Waraku after all, the food couldn't be that bad right? And food aside, what really surprised me was the causal talk and the laughter we all had during the dinner.

To be frank, I wasn't quite excited about the dinner at first, thinking that it would be just a quiet dinner and all will leave for home right after we finished our food. Not only did we not leave immediately, we in fact had quite a fun time talking after that.

Well, probably the not so fun part for me was that I was actually the "center of attraction" most of the time (And when was I not!!). All thanks to Samuel Kong for bringing up something so "interesting"...

Oh btw, that guy, Samuel, was in the same primary school, secondary school and junior college as I am! Also, we shared the same surname (in English spelling)! Such a coincidence. Lolx...

Samuel: "Why wasn't I included in the photo? Hump!"

Why so shy, Samuel?

This photo was so nicely taken. By who? Use your brain la...

Gan Pei! (Cheers)

Listening intensively to Prof. Samuel

For more of the Waraku dinner photos, go to my facebook and have a look. All of them are there and several of my other photo albums.

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