Thursday, June 12, 2008

My First Trip to Batam

6 June 2008 - Yessy and my first trip to Batam.

Actually before that, we actually wanted to pay Batam a visit. However, it got delayed indefinitely until one day when Germaine suggested that we could go Batam together.

And whola, here we are at Batam!! Batam is definitely one very, very nice place to be in.

Of course, this trip possible is only made possible with the efforts of Germaine and Yew Pang. The planning is surely not an easy task, especially when they only have 1 week to book the accommodation and the ferry tickets! Kudos to them.

This 3D2N trip is full of fun, laughter, joy and not to forget, body aches! We actually went for cable ski due to Yew Pang's recommendation.

To be frank, I wasn't really very impressed when I first arrived at the cable ski site. First the water wasn't really clean. Secondly, the water wasn't really clean! Yup, the water isn't clean!!!

However, that doesn't mean that the cable ski wasn't fun. In fact, it was ton of fun. Except for the body aches and the dirty water, everything else was good. ^^

Another very fun event was the water basketball we had at the pool, although we lost, 5-0 to Yew Pang and Germaine. ^^'

Dinners were seafood all the way. Crabs, prawns etc... Cheap and nice!

The only thing that is not nice was the smelly toilet. Not sure what happened during the last day. When we came back from breakfast that day, the sewage system seemed to go haywire and both our toilets smell.

In fact, the rooms which we stayed in were supposed to be the better and nicer ones. Haiz... Luckily that happened on the last day and because of that, the sales manager promised to upgrade us to the suite for all the "trouble" we had went through. So nice of him... ^^

All in all, the trip is definitely an enjoyable one. However, I must say we have chosen to go with the correct people.

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