Friday, June 20, 2008

NTU Is Really Getting On My Nerves

Calling folks from NTU. Are you people constantly receiving emails about the new or raising fees which we, students have to pay.

First is the parking fees. Now can someone tells me when was NTU founded? Long, long time ago, isn't it? And since when was parking an issue before? Now, lets give them the benefit of DOUBT, lets say that cars are really getting so cheap that so many people can now afford to drive cars to school and this resulted in issues like lack of car park spaces and illegal parking (those idiots).

Even so, what's the rational for setting up carpark gantries at ALL carparks available in NTU? Do ALL carparks have the same problem of lack of carpark spaces or illegal parking? Bullshit!

Also, even if that reason is really valid, why don't you set up gantries, do the counting and stop any cars from entering a full carpark without asking them to pay for the stupid unmaintained carparks? Frankly speaking, what has the university done to maintain the carparks? Do the carparks need to be maintained after all? So stop giving us the bull that the university needs the money to maintain the carparks. In the past, the University has no need for addition money to do the maintenance. So why out of a sudden, the carparks need to be maintained?

Also, by implementing those stupid gantries, they are actually changing the maintenance-free carparks to maintenance-full carparks. How clever of them. Now, no wonder they need maintenance fees!

Gantries are machines and they were placed under there rain or shine, whether they like it or not. One day when the gantries decided to stop working, the carparks which they are guarding will be deemed nonoperational. Isn't that going to cost more to repair those freaking machines? Excluding the maintenance fees we were talking about earlier on? Also, when any of the gantries were to stop working, isn't that going to cause more inconvenience? End up, even if you have the money and is willingly to pay for the parking fees, you are not allowed access to the carpark. Worse still, or no access out of the carpark. How convenient is that!?

In addition, if the illegal parking in NTU is really an issue, then definitely the gantries are not going to help. Lets do a simple maths. Assuming that there are around a 1000 carparking spaces in NTU. However, daily there are 1500 cars wanting to park their cars in NTU. That is to say only 1000 lucky cars will be allowed into the carparks. What will the remaining 500 drivers do? Do you think they will be that obedient as to drive their cars out of NTU, park their cars somewhere and take buses or walk into that bloody, most wulu university in Singapore.

Yup, they hope. FAT HOPE! And for the sake of those who don't have a brain to think, those drivers will just conveniently park their cars at the roadsides causing even more inconvenience to the common road users! OMG! Isn't that common sense.

All, in all, except for the extra revenue the university can get out from the carpark fees, I totally have no idea how the carpark system can help in creating convenience to the staff and students as what the university has claimed.

For god's sake, if the university is need of money, just say so. No one will laugh. Who will find additional revenue income a problem? If they have a problem with that, they can always come to seek expert help from me. Therefore, why bother coming up with those lame, stupid excuses as to why they need to do such things.

End up, they have to explain to students and staff for their actions. Worse still, even if the students or staffs are in objection to the implementation of the carpark system, the plan is still carried out. What crap!

If so, why do we have those showy talks held outside the canteen to let students have the misconceptions that they have a say in the operations of the University!!


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