Friday, July 4, 2008

When Did We Learn To Judge People?

Since when did we learn to judge others? Since when did we all come to an agreement that being too fat, too thin, too ugly, too pretty or too bimbo is a bad thing?

Everyone comes to this world with a purpose to serve, lives to inspire and motivate. However, since when did we learn not to live our purpose of inspiring, motivating and bringing joy, fun and laughter to others. Instead, we indulge ourselves in judging others' appearance, behaviors and actions, labeling them for what they do and what they look like rather than truly recognizing them as what they are.

Think about the kinds of words you tend to use on others? Are they words like "kind", "good", "caring", "inspiring", "motivating", "clever" etc? Or are the words like "idiotic", "stupid", "unkind", "uncaring", "crazy", "inconsiderate" etc.

Now, telling one to put aside his or her judgment and not label others as what they do or what they look like may really prove to be a difficult task to accomplish. After all, we live in a world of contrast. Where there is light, there is darkness. Where there is good, there will always be bad. We humans are just so conditioned to compare and contrast the things around us.

Therefore, rather than trying not judge the people, things or circumstances around us, what we can accomplish more easily is to either pass better judgments or withhold our judgments to a later date.

Judge what the person does and not what the person is. Our past doesn't determine who we are. Neither are our actions a good gauge for measuring who we truly are. "That is such a uncaring act." or "That isn't a clever move." is a better and more accurate judgment than "That person is so uncaring!" or "Is that person born retarded or what?"

Are we really so different from the people whom we dislike so much? Is there no similaritie between us and those people at all? Oftentimes, we are quick to distinguish and separate ourselves from the people we don't like, claiming that we are people from two different worlds. However, when you look carefully, the type of people whom you interact with are often the people most similar to you in some ways.

Therefore, think twice when you judge a person next time, for you will not know, you are actually judging yourself too.

Stop passing hurtful judgment to others and you will find yourself being judged less harshly next time. Contrary to the popular belief, for things to change, it is you who must change, not others.

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