Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sequel to Ben 10

Recently I got so addicted to the cartoon Ben 10!

Well, if you are not a fan of cartoon, unlike me, then you probably don't know what Ben 10 is.

And to make things simple, Ben 10 is a cartoon which depicts a a 10 year old boy who discovered a mysterious device, Omnitrix, which enabled him to change into 10 different types of aliens each with their own unique powers.

Slowly, Ben, along with his cousin, Gwen and his grandpa, Max went around fighting aliens who wanted to get the device for themselves.

Actually, the Ben 10 cartoon was pretty short as I believe the developers didn't know what a big hit it could be.

So after that, they created the sequel to Ben 10, known as Ben 10 Alien Force. This time, Ben had grown up, slightly, to a 15 years old boy. And along with his cousin Gwen who unknowingly gotten the power of a magician and the other guy known as Kevin or Kelvin who can change his body into any material that he touches. This time, they join forces to fight the aliens, just that now, without their grandpa who, I assumed, died defending the Earth.

However, the not-so-good thing is that I cannot find the cartoon on Youtube! Have no idea why. For Ben 10, I didn't really catch all the episodes and as for Ben 10 The Alien Force, I only started from episode 6 onwards till episode 10. Therefore, what happened earlier I totally have no idea.

Thus, I need some help here. For those who are good at finding cartoons from different sources, please direct me to them. Your help is greatly appreciated. =D

Now, you don't think I will writing a post here to tell you how good a cartoon is, do you? Lolx.. Don't worry, I will repay you in some other ways.

Thanks in advance!

Oh ya, if you like more information about the cartoon, you can click on the website link below:

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