Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Listen Up Singaporeans! Great Tasty Cookies Are For Sale!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Are you still scratching your head on what CNY goodies to buy and offer to your relatives and friends who come to your house on that festive occassion?

No worries fellow Singaporeans, Zach to the rescue. =P

Recently, one of my friends had just set up her blog to promote her home-made cookies and tarts in Singapore.

No, no! She is not a 15-20 years old little girl who is selling tarts to get some extra pocket money? In fact, my friend is old enough to be my grandmother! Even so, she is one very young-at-heart "old girl"! An entrepreneur at her age, how inspiring and motivating.

I remember last time she was promoting home-made cookies. However, this time as Chinese New Year is approaching (fast), she is promoting her freshly baked tarts on her website.

Here are some pictures of her masterpiece. Doesn't it just makes you drool simply from the looks of them? =D

Freshly baked tarts

Just a closer look at how well the tarts are done

Tarts in small bottle

Looking for a bigger serving? This is the one

Unlike those tarts which you buy off the shelves from the brick-and-mortar where the tarts are placed there for quite some time before you bring them home, Amy has promised that all tarts will only be baked 2 days prior to your collection.

This ensures that you will only receive pineapple tarts which will always taste fresh and tasty as they should be.

So, how much will these drooling, mouth-watering tarts cost you? Definitely not a hand or a limb like the ones you find outside. =D

If you were to order from Amy, you can be certain to be provided the best, delicious pineapple for a price you will not find outside:

Small Bottle (around 25 pieces) -- $10
Big Bottle (around 56 pieces) -- $19

To make things better, payments will only be collected upon you receiving and verifying your goods. (I like to believe that the transactions are done in cash. No nets and credit cards. You may want to further clarify her on this. Lolx...)

If you are interested, you can always reach her easily through her email or her personal phone.
Amy's email address:
Amy's mobile no: 81121006

Also, please feel free to head down to her blog for more up to date information:

Do support her and her small venture. It will be very much appreciated, by her and me as well.

Oh, happy preparing for your CNY!

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