Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The 83 Year-Old “Winning Sage”, Helen Hadsell

This 83 Year-Old “Winning Sage” Finally Comes out of Retirement to Unveil Her “4-Step Secret” That Has Helped Her Win Countless Cash Prizes, Over 5 Trips to Europe, A Luxury Home, and Every Contest She Has Entered.

Can you really "manipulate reality", beat overwhelming odds and stand out winning in every contests?

Very unlikely? Well, think again!

In this Free Interview with Helene Hadsell you will learn about:

  • How Helen Hadsell uses Wishcraft to achieve anything she wishes for.
  • How she was able to start teaching people this remarkable skill (with shocking results!)
  • How she worked with and communicated telepathically with psychologist and founder of the Silva Method, Jose Silva.
  • How she used her mind power to help her overcome death and near-fatal experiences over and over again.

Helen Hadsell is a living testament to the mastery of manifestation, by which one can powerfully transform reality into their own design through affirmation and personal power.

The interview also covers:

Helen’s powerful 4-step system to start winning and growing again.

  • How to survive — and even profit from the coming global recession.
  • It may be the GREATEST secret to happiness, ever. Simple techniques that anyone can do to become a master of manifesting your own reality.
  • How you can then have ALL the abilities that man can think of made available to YOU to inherently change your reality, just by changing your belief system
  • And much, much more…

Isn't manifestation just pure luck? Quite contrary, Helen doesn’t think so. Neither does she believe in luck, chance, or accidents.

So what is it about this very normal woman that bridges the gap between the power of manifestation and reality? Be prepared to discover about Helen’s reality-altering abilities and how you can start winning like a champion too!

Click on the link below to download your audio and improve on your "luck" now!

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