Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Never Know Oprah Had Such Power!

Did Oprah cause the economic crash? It is possible she is at least partly to blame. A year and a half ago the economy was humming along doing fine, consumer confidence was high and so was the stock market. Then Oprah had the author to the book The Secret on her program not once but twice to promote it.

The Secret uses junk science to convince gullible people they can have whatever they want if they wish it into existence.

Ten million people bought the book and began secretly using the secret to get what they wanted. A new house or car, a big screen TV, and a vacation to Hawaii were all high on the lists of most people. When the secret wasn’t working, they used their credit cards and took out loans and got what they secretly wanted anyway because they believed the secret would secretly send them money to pay for it all so they didn’t worry. They are worried now because there is no money.

Now we are in the midst of an economic crisis. It is no secret that overextending your purchasing power and expecting a miracle will make you go into delinquency, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. I wonder how many of those readers of The Secret would secretly like to sue Oprah and the author of The Secret for influencing them to foolishly destroy their own lives? A real secret is that influence is one of the mechanisms of the money matrix.

If you don’t believe only ten million people could destroy the economy of the U.S. or that Oprah could influence a crisis in the economy I’ll show you how it works.

In 1996 Oprah had a guest talk about Mad Cow on her program and she said something to the effect that she wasn’t going to eat another burger. Texas cattlemen lost $12 million as cattle prices dropped and beef consumption went down. That was just $12 million in Texas. Total loses nation wide were likely $100 million. So in the past, Oprah has had an influence on at least one sector of the economy and if she endorses a book the author becomes a millionaire, count two of influence on the economy.

If you don’t think only 10 million people can crash the economy, consider how few people it takes to elect a President. There are 300 million Americans, half of them are eligible to vote, 150 million. Half of those eligible to vote actually register, 75 million.

On election day half of the registered voters vote, 37.5 million. 51% vote for the winning candidate, 19.25 million. That is only 6.4% of the U.S. population, and only 12.8% of eligible voters. You only need to influence 6.4% of eligible registered voters that actually vote to get elected!

10 million people is only 6.6% of consumers. I wouldn’t say Oprah was malicious or intended to crash the economy, she was merely a tool of influence for the Money Matrix. With the Butterfly Effect, what affects 10 million affects us all. A trail of information leads only to the truth. Wake up people, the money matrix has you.

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