Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why I Like Reading Stomp!

Alright, this post is unlike the usual inspiring, motivating and useful posts.

Today's post is more of talking about the interesting things about

If you have not yet give Stomp a visit, it is time to do so. It is something like a paparazzi website but not intended for the celebrities. Instead it is more for normal people like you and I.

Actually the stories that were posted on the website is one thing that makes the reading part interesting. However, the most enjoyable and juicy part was actually not the articles themselves but the comments made by the vistors.

Some how, when I read the comments, I find them more interesting and funny than the articles themselves. They provide a diverse and different point of view and give me a very good idea of how young people are thinking nowadays and most importantly, how others think, feel and see things.

As a matter of fact, everything in life are as they are. They does not happen to make one happy nor to make one's life difficult. They actually do not possess any meaning, but it is us humans who gave meanings to the events or situations around us.

For the same event that happened, 2 people can have totally different point of view. In fact, if you were to think and ponder about them, both points of view are valid. They just belong to different schools of thoughts.

And that is probably why all of majority of our quarrels and unhappiness exist. It is not the difference opinions we have which differs from one another. It is actually our unwillingness to accept others' point of views as well as not being aware that other school of thoughts can, will and does exist.

What we think is the reality does not make it so. We all do things and behave in accordance to our beliefs, principles and values. No one principle, belief or value is wrong. It is just up to us to perceive, understand and if possible, to accept.

And that is what I really learn from the website. For some, a certain event can seem to be like a big deal. However, for others, the same event can be a matter of life and death.

So, how is right and who is wrong? Both are and none are. Depending on one's point of view, isn't it?

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