Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tim Brown’s talk at 2008 Serious Play Conference

Learning how to unleash your creativity is what many people are currently seeking for now.

In the video below, Tim had discussed the difference between the freedom we once had when we were young and the restriction and edition we now do when we grow up.

Not only has we lost the freedom we once owned, we also lost the playfulness within us, turning us into serious, zombie-like walking adults of social and many other restrictions which we placed on us.

In fact, there is a great relationship between one's creativity and one playfulness. Actually it all makes sense, doesn't it?

When you are playful and having fun, you let down your guard and allow yourself to think freely and openly. No longer are you concern about what others think or feel about you. You talk openly, think creativity and feel freely.

When you play, you eliminate the fear of being judged by others and need to conform yourself to the opinions of those whom you deem as authority figures, e.g your bosses, your clients etc.

In fact, there is a correlation between emotion and creativity. When you feel restricted and closed, your mind is automatically shut down to new ideas. On the other hand, when you are feeling mischievous, your mind will switch itself to whatever emotions you are currently experiencing.

And the good news is, you have 100% control over your own emotions. You, not the people or circumstances around you determine what you should feel. Change the way you feel you will change the way you think, creativity of course!

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