Sunday, January 18, 2009

Burning Chinese Incense Paper Is Not Wrong, But...

Well, if one is just following his/her religion, burning incense is definitely not wrong. However, when doing such act, I believe it is an obligation of each individual to think of the safety and convenience of others.

When returning back home one night, 19th January 2009 12.10am to be exact, I saw a middle age man burning lots of incense papers on a pact of grasses. Now, that selfish act alone simply irritate me to my core.
There was in fact a special container placed there for that exact purpose, to allow the residents to burn their incense papers and do their offerings safely and conveniently.
Now, I do not know what valid reason/s the man had to burn his incense papers on the grasses just beside the container. Simply ridiculous.

Was it that he did not know the container was placed there for that purpose? I guess for a person of that age, unless he belongs to the lowest end of the IQ spectrum, I doubt he would have the excuse of not knowing what the container is used for. Especially if he was a Singaporean to start off with.

After much thought, I can only conclude that he belongs to the lazy, inconsiderate and selfish group of Singaporeans, which as a fellow Singaporean, I am truly ashamed of.

Certainly, burning the incense papers on a pact of grassess was indeed simpler and faster than having to throw them one at a time into the container. However, didn't he also know that his selfish act actually costed the residents living there great deal of inconvenience and not to mentioned, threatened their safety?

Imagine the innocent grassess that got burnt off for no apparent reasons. All due to his laziness!

To make things worse, he was actually burning his incense papers beside the common car park and in front of it was 2 parked motorcycles and a carpark full of cars. And guess what was inside the motorcycles?

Petrol! And what was the main characteristic of petrol?


Well, I think the above 2 questions are simple enough that my Primary 6 student can score 100 marks for them.

But obviously, that guy does not possess such "profound" knowledge which a P6 Singapore student would have knew.

And here comes the next "profound" questions. When papers are burnt, what are left behind?

Ashes? Clever! Correct answer!

And what happen to the ashes when wind blows? They scatter right? And guess where they will get scattered to?

The cars in the car park of course!

And not to mentioned, the ashes may also entered the houses of those who lived in the lower storey of the flat.

As the CNY is just around the corner, families are already busy cleaning up their houses to welcome the festival. However, just nice, there exists such idiotic and retarded guy to add on the already difficult work.

Ya, I know he doesn't have to worry about the ashes flying into his house and dirtying his floors for that bugger live at the 12th storey of my block. High enough to be safe. That probably also explains why he was so happy and conveniently burning his incense papers away. What a idiotic guy!

And that probably also explains why my car was always that dirty no matter how often I wash it. Because such bugger was actually living with me. What a disgrace!

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