Sunday, November 2, 2008

This Is Soooooo Shameful!!

The Chinese in China are really innovative and creative. However, that innovative and creative skills of theirs are often are used in the wrong areas. Instead of using their creative minds to bring improvement to the lives of others, they certainly seem to know how to bring miseries into others.

Up to a certain extent, I am even ashamed to be a Chinese. We Singaporeans are already given the nickname "kaisu". However, comparing ourselves to the Chinese in China, they are really far, far ahead of us.

In China, there was this incident where the customers in Pizza Hut were only allowed one serving of the salad. And you know what? The Chinese in China are really innovative and creative! I really have to take my hat off them. For their creative, guts and lack of shamefulness...

Take a look at how the Chinese bend this rule!

A usual one serving salad

Now comes the main show... First the Base

Next comes the 2nd level

Moving on next to the 3rd level

Erm... 4th? 5th? 6th? Sorry.... Lost count...

Guess what? A single serving for 11 people!

Let feast on a grander masterpiece

Now I really wonder why the employees of that particular franchise of Pizza Hut is allowing that to happen?

However, thinking back, the staff of that particular Pizza Hut are just employees after all. No use in arguing with the public over a salad right? After all, regardless if they approach or do not approach the customers, they still take their salary...

I really, really, really pity that particular Pizza Hut franchise owner... May God bless you...


  1. It will be awesome if it is not under the expense of others. Lolx...