Saturday, November 8, 2008

Les Hewit Interview, FREE For Grab!

Another great interviews by

This time the interviewee is Les Hewitt the co-author o the book The Power of Focus. Actually, that was quite an "old" book. I remember I bought it when I was still serving my National Service. Erm...

Never mind that, small issue. The more important thing is that you will be getting this interview for FREE, no string attached! Just head on the website and listen to the great interview on Focus : The Secret Skill of The Sharpest Minds for yourself.

When I was writing this blog post, I was thinking how should I be introducing Les Hewitt and the content about his interview. However, the more I think about it, the more I think it is unnecessary.

The reason is very simple. If you are already interested, you will be motivated enough to click on the link above to find out more. If not, then I guess no matter what I say about the interview, how great or how wonderful it is, you will still not be inclined to listen to the audio.

Firstly, if you have been a loyal reader of this blog, you should know by now that this blog is written with issues such as personal development in mind.

Yup, I do not deny the fact that sometimes I rant quite a lot on this blog (hey, this is my blog afterall right!), however I do make sure that all my complaints and rants are kept to the minimum.

Instead, I seek to provide useful information for all my readers, and that includes you! If you have yet to notice, most of the issues presented here are very related to personal development stuffs.

Therefore, when you read this blog, I am assuming that you are someone who also view self education as an important part of your life.

Just recently I had a personal survey with the people around me and I was quite surprised they actually read less than 5 books a year! Not a day, not a week, neither is it a month, but a YEAR!

Now, I am not referring to those text books or technical books you have to read in order to pass your examinations or do your work.

The books which I am talking about are personal development books. Books which serve to let you know yourself better, how to better control your emotions, thinking etc.

Some people claim that they do not like to read, like my gf! Humph... Therefore, if you were like her, audios and videos may suit you better than just plain reading.

Though personally I still prefer to read than listen. At least when I read, all the words are already on the paper, I do not need to take additional notes, unless I want to. However when I listen to audios or videos, I have to take the extra time and effort to take notes, more troublesome in my opinion, unless there is free transcript of the interview, which will be great!

Do what works best for you. At least do something!

"Formal education gets you a living while self education gets you a life."
~Jim Rohn, The Twelve Pillars of Success~

The best is to merge reading with listening and that is what I am doing.

Also, remember that plain listening and reading will not do you any good. To know and not to know is to not to know. Or

"Knowledge without action is useless. Action without knowledge is dangerous"
~Lao Tzu~

And since you already know what this blog is about (self improvement), then isn't it time to take some actions now to start changing your life and the lives of your beloved ones for the better?

Focus : The Secret Skill of The Sharpest Minds

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