Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How To Be Happy

A sweet old video for the timeless advice. Are you currently searching for ways or secrets on how you can easily attain happiness? Well, look no further.

Happiness is not any further than yourself. Being happy is a state, not something to be pursued or chased after blindly. More often than not, we tend to believe that our happiness depends greatly on the things we have and own, which includes the big toys we have, the status we earn and the respect we gain.

However, quite contrary to the truth, such happiness are often short-lived.

Think back the time when you finally get to own something which you had wanted for a long time? Aren't you just overwhelmed with happiness? So, how long does such happiness last? Not long, isn't it?

And because of the short-lived pleasures we all get from the materialistic things we own, we tend to believe that in order to stay happy constantly, we have to always be on chasing after something which we assume will be able to bring us pleasure.

Unknowingly, the true happiness lies in all of us. We actually do not need to look beyond ourselves to seek the genuine happiness in our lives.

As I've mentioned earlier, staying happy is a state of mind and you are the one, no one else, can decide your own state of mind.

You choose your own emotions and you alone will determine if you are worthy of bringing out the actual happiness within you...

So are you worthy of your happiness already?

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