Friday, November 14, 2008

50% Gone... Another 50% More To Go... ...

Phew, the past 2 days was really very hectic, tiring and painful.

13th November 2008 was the first day of my 4th Year, 1st Semester examination. Following closely was three more examination papers which falls on 14th, 18th and 19th.

To mark my first day of examination, I was late for 10-15 minutes! When I reached, I noticed that some students had already completed question 1 and was moving to question 2!! Before my pulses could return to normal after the dash to the examination hall, my heart started thumping again.

Thank God, I still managed to complete the paper on time.

Honestly speaking, once after my IA, after not having studied for one semester, it is really hard to pick up my books again. This semester, I really have no motivation and drive to study, though I very well know the fact that this is already my final year and I should be making use of the opportunity to study harder.

Yup, logical and easy to understand. However, I just cannot push, motivate and get myself working... Hmmm....

To speak the truth, I have no great, burning desire to study hard in order to get good grades, unlike some of the scholars out there, eg: my gf. I really admire their attitude they depict in their studies! Simply amazing...

Time really flies. Till today, I still can vividly remember the struggle 3 years ago when I had to come to a decision as to which degree should I be pursuing.

Actually, one of my friends asked me this question, "If you were given the chance to choose what degree to pursue and at which Singapore University, what would your choice be?"

What a timely question. I believe it is also time for me to start thinking back about what I have accomplished so far in my life and how I actually lived the past 3 years of my life. Have I only been spending it or living it.

First thing first, will I change course if I had the chance to? Not very sure. Till now, I still do not regret pursuing my Honors in Computer Engineering in NTU even though others always claim that the school is a dumping ground for other faculties.

Maybe if I were to choose again, I would like to give NTU Accountancy a try. First, it is a 3 yrs course. Secondly, it is located at NBS (Nayang Business School) thus there are bound to be more pretty girls as compared to the Engineering side... =p

Even having said so, I certainly learn many different skills and gain alot of new knowledge while pursuing my degree there. And not to forget, I have known a handful of good friends. Yup, only a handful, and all of them are equally lazy in studies like me... Lolx...

Though lazy and unmotivated in their studies, they are more truthful and sincere. Bare minimum, they are not someone who enjoys talking behind your back and act as if nothing happened when in front of you. And they have a name for them... ... oh, "hypocrites".

As for NUS or NTU, up till now, I still prefer to study in NTU or probably SMU. Again, SMU because there is a higher possibility of meeting nicer females.

Though NTU is more out of the way and less prestigious than NUS or SMU, I still think that NTU is more suitable for me. Less competitive and less stressful. Well, at least personally, I only like to mingle with those who are not competitive in nature.

It always get on my nerves when people start comparing results and use it as an opportunity to trample on others just to push themselves up. Quite pitiful if you look at them. They can only seek to verify themselves through such comparisons with others. A depiction of low self esteem in them.

So, does that mean that I do not like to tell others about my results? Nah...Not true... I only selectively inform some people (parents and gf aside, of course). I will only choose to tell those who really ask out of concern. Actually, one can really distinguish those who are concern about you from those busybodies. The difference is very obvious!!

Alright, another of my ranting again. Though it seems that it had been quite long since my last rant. I don't even remember what I last ranted about. Lolx...

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