Friday, September 26, 2008

What? Term Break Is Over!?

The past week was the NTU and NUS term break! Now as I was writing this post, this very short term break was coming to an end.

To me, this term break was surely god sent! It seemed so long since I last took a break. This timely term break prove to be a true breather for me. Phew... ....

For me, it was a time to relax, however for many, it seemed to be an opportunity to catch up on their academic studies and to complete any uncompleted projects. Undeniably, I also made use of the opportunity to study what had already been taught in school.

Yup, not revise but study. Revision is for those who attended the lectures and understand what the lecturer talked about. Study is to start from scratch and that is for me! ^^

This term break I managed to make some "accomplishments"

Monday: Relax, relax, relax...
Tuesday: Study CPE 409, help dear write SHE
Wednesday: Study CPE 426 and read up on the code
Thursday: Go gym, went to school to do CPE 409 project, study CPE 426,
Friday: Done CPE 426 lab 1 assignment and look through the code

And Saturday and Sunday is reserved for completing the CPE 409 project, to read and understand CPE 426 code and to learn the vocabulary for Malay...

Yup, kind of busy. Finally, after 6 months of industrial attachment, I am catching up on my studies and manage to overcome some of my inertia.

Hopefully, the rest of the 2 months is sufficient for me to catch up on all my studies, particularly my FYP! Sniff, sniff...

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