Tuesday, September 23, 2008

News Spec and A New Racket... ...

The past week was such a happy week!

I finally got my new spectacles. The lenses of my old specs of mine was so badly scratched!! Now, after wearing the new spec, everything becomes so much clearer. Never did I know I was actually living in such a blurry world. Lolx...

Haiz, getting a new specs is good, however, knowing that my vision is getting from bad to worse is not that good news after all. So old already my vision is still detoriating, so sad.

Thinking of going for lasik. After all, the price of lasik isn't that expensive as compared to the past. But first thing first, let me get a job first!

Oh talking about my specs, the specs was designed by the vision empire. Wanted to post a pic of the design here, however, it seems that the webmaster only allows authorized people to view the designs.

Tell me if it is stupid or what. Damn dumb! Their eCatogules only allow their distributors and members to access. I really see no reason why they want to keep that area of the site private.

Following my new specs was my new racket... ... string! Wuahahahaha... Nah, no intention of buying any new rackets any sooner. Nowadays the price of a racket is so pricey. The one which I am looking at cost $279! That is almost double the price of my present specs le... So expensive.

Therefore instead of trying a new racket, I went to try a new string, its brand , Victor. Sama, sama la. Lolx...

Not a bad string. High replusion and has quite a nice hitting sound. The store attendant mentioned that it will be more durable than the Yonex string. Not sure about it. In any case, I always change my string before it snaps, so string durability isn't a big issue for me.

The rest of the day was to slack at home and to walk around. Actually wanted to watch movie, however there didn't seem to have any good movie to watch le. Quite sian...

Any recommendations? Anyone?

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