Friday, September 12, 2008

I have always been a fan of MTVs. Sometimes, the intention of the songs are much better delivered to the listeners through the combination of videos and audios.

However, we all know that not all MTVs are filmed equally. Some are created with the intenetion of delivering the underlying meaning of the songs to the audience while others may look quite incoherent with what the songs really signify.

While browsing, I came across a few halirious MTVs. The lyrics of the songs have been changed and frankly speaking, they don't sound all that bad as I had expected them to be. ^^

Now, no hard feelings here. I am not degrading any songs, song writers, singers or anyone here. These vidoes are placed here for the sake of putting some long lost laughters back into the modern people nowadays.

Mad TV: Britney Spears parody - "Lick My Baby Back Behind"

James Blunt- You're Beautiful- Mad Tv

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