Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm A Genius Once! OK!!

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"The psychologist researchers at Harvard Graduate School of Education discovered that
virtually all children up to the age of 4 had genius capabilities, but the proportion of
geniuses in a population drops as the age group increases. By the age of 20 years and
above, only 2% of the population retain their genius abilities."

It is certainly interesting to know that we are actually geniuses in the making. However, throughout our life, getting to know the "correct" way of living, having to study to ensure that we will have enough to survive on, we gradually lose our ability to think for ourselves, to go for what we are capable of, to fully develop our true potential in life.

Although the report mainly talks about the contributions of the America's education has on the genius dip, somehow or rather it seems to fix nicely into the puzzle in Singapore as well.

Undeniably, throughout the 13+ years of education in Singapore, I have picked up some valuable knowledge which I can find applicable in the real world which I live in.

The content which students in Singapore are taught is not the main issue. However, as what Blurt Goldman mentioned in his report, it is how the knowledge that is being passed down from generation to generation, that is should be our main concern here.

If you have read about Jack Canfield's story "The Animal School", you would have not only nodded your head once.

Argh... enough blahing here. If you have the interest to know more about the genius dip and how you may in the future, or even now, help your children develop their genius, you may want to give this report a read. Nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Genius is A Given, Not A Gift. Think about it.

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