Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Am Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo....

Now it really gets me thinking. When is the last time I went to the Singapore Zoological Garden? Was it when I was Primary 4 or 5 that time?

That is like 13-14 years ago when I last went to the zoo!

Ok, let's think back, what did I actually do on that day? Frankly speaking, we didn't really do much that day except to walk around, rushing to meet the animals' feeding time and stop by some notices to read some interesting facts about the animals we were visiting. That's what makes me feels so tiny. It seems that there is really a lot of things or should I say general knowledge which I do not possess.

I also come to realize that humans are really neglecting the other beings whom we once shared the nature with. Humans are forgetting that we do not own the Earth. Rather, we are only one of the various species roaming the grounds of Earth.

Actually, the zoo trip was suppose to start at 0830am as we had agreed the day before that we would catch the feeding of the elephants show. However, the only thing I saw that was been fed was ME, in KFC. Someone actually came late and caused me to miss the show. Haiz...

Well, I still have to give her the credit of getting the free admission pass for us and also accompanying me throughout the whole day. That day is truly an eye opener and reignite the child in me.

All in all, the trip was very enjoyable. After that went for badminton and had dinner with my badminton friends. A very fruitful holiday I must say. At least not like the past holidays where I would spend the whole day sleeping at home.

I have placed the pictures in another blog post, Pictures Taken In Singapore Zoo. Take a look if you want to.

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