Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What A "Professional" Interviewer

Frankly speaking, when my friend sent me this video, I am contemplating should I waste my time watching it.

First of all, I must admit that I do not like XiaXue, the interviewer, from the start. Visited her blog once, spent around 10 minutes reading her blog posts and get so turned off by it that I swear I never, ever will waste my time on it anymore. Of course, unless there are some meaninglessness and brainless comments by her, like the ones which she gave during her brawl with Dawn Yeo!!

And you know what, the video is really a waste of my time! Heard that it was once shown on the TV!! OMG! That's explain why except for the Singaporeans ourselves, programs which are made in Singapore are never going to be popular overseas.

Actually I think the interview is good for it provides some general knowledge for the public. So was the interviewee who tried his best to give a most concise and easy to understand explanation to an ... ... ... ... idiot?

Frankly speaking, why would a professional interviewer be laughing like nobody's business when he or she is conducting such serious interviews? Moreover, who will laugh over such a topic!?

She mentioned that she found it amusing about the topic. Alright, can anyone tell me what's so amusing and funny about it? I did not even twitch when I was watching the video and I believe majority of us won't!! So that make us normal, right?

So what makes her different? Now, let me think about it, what do we call such people... erm...uhm... unique!? Well, there is such a word. How about abnormal? Right!

So what do we get when we combine the 2 words together? Uniquely abnormal! Yup, that suits her very well.

I remember Yessy once told me this, "It matters not how many people know you, but how those people think of you!!"

So what if you are a celebrity blogger? By the way, there are two definitions of the word "celebrity":
1. A widely known person
2. The state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed

First, lets analyze. Is XiaXue a widely known person? Erm... probably so in Singapore though I'm not that so sure in other countries. So that brings us to the next question, is she widely honored and acclaimed!? Honored? Acclaimed? Holy shit! Definitely NO!

So, we agree that she is a widely known person? Alright. So what is she well-known for? Look at the video comments and the comments on other blogs. More often than not, I saw the words:
  • Slut
  • Bitch
  • Dumb Ass
  • Crazy girl
  • Ugly
  • Slap her
  • F*** her
  • etc...
Of course, there are also words that depict the good side of her. I will agree wholeheartedly that she does have a good side of her to present to others. Personally, I just hope that as a celebrity blogger or figure in Singapore, she can practice more restrain and make much better contributions to the society rather than her present nonsenses and craps.

Definitely, she can do much better than what she is doing now and in turn deserves much better and kinder comments than what others and I had given her.

Phew, what a long post. It has been sometime since I last wrote a post. Never thought it would be a complainy post! Lolx... Nevertheless, I still enjoy writing.

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